June 21, 2023

New Version, New Pay What You Can Model: Our Latest Service Upgrades

Written by
James Ryan

As part of BlueWillow’s commitment to providing access to high quality AI image generation to everyone around the world we have launched a pay-what-you can subscription model.  While the basic service will continue to be free for all to use,  members can choose to pay for a subscription and gain access to additional benefits, including the ability to generate more images, more quickly along with early access to the latest versions of BlueWillow,  including the newly launched V4.

V4 is a significant improvement over earlier versions of BlueWillow, including much higher quality images. How much better? V4 images are twice the resolution of earlier versions of the service.

All PWYC subscribers will be granted early access to V4.  In addition, PWYC subscribers will receive a variety of additional benefits based on the level of their subscription.  Listed below are the benefits at each level:

FREE Tier: Our basic offering remains accessible to everyone. Generate up to 10 prompts per day, supported by ads, with a queue limit of 5 simultaneous requests.

Willower: For just $5 per month, you can generate up to 50 prompts per day with a queue limit of 5 simultaneous requests. 

Blue Angel: Our most popular tier at $10/mo  now allows members to generate up to 100 prompts per day with a queue limit of 10 simultaneous requests. In addition to the benefits of the Willower tier, you will also gain access to live event chats, premium generation channels, and our VIP contest/newsletter.

Sapphire: The premium tier for $20/mo grants you up to 200 prompts per day, a queue limit of 10 simultaneous requests, and includes all the perks of the Blue Angel tier.

To subscribe to any of these tiers, simply type /subscribe in the BlueWillow server. We currently use Stripe as our payment system, with plans to introduce more payment options in the future.

Transitioning from the $3/mo Supporter Plan

Any members currently subscribed to the $3/mo Supporter level, will be upgraded to the $5/mo Willower tier benefits. But will need to upgrade at the end of their subscription.

Contests and Rewards

As part of our commitment to fostering creativity and engagement within the community, we host ongoing contests. This is a fantastic opportunity to show off your creative prowess and stand a chance to win a full year of Sapphire membership! Check out the Contest category on Discord for all the contest details.

A Heartfelt Thank You

We want to extend our sincerest thanks to our current subscribers and the entire BlueWillow community. Your ongoing support and enthusiasm drive us to keep improving and expanding our offerings. We hope that these updates will enable you to enjoy creating with BlueWillow even more.

Remember, no matter what subscription tier you're on, from Willower to Sapphire, everyone will now have access to our latest V4 model. As always, if you have any questions or need help, please head over to the #get-help channel.

Thank you for being an integral part of our journey. We can't wait to see the incredible creations you'll bring to life with BlueWillow! 🎨🚀