May 13, 2023

How to Make AI Art with BlueWillow AI

Written by
Alex H.

Are you looking for a new way to create art? Look no further than BlueWillow AI! Our free to use discord based AI image generation model uses a multitude of models to give you the best results for creating AI artwork. 

What is BlueWillow AI?

BlueWillow AI is an AI image generation model that allows users to create stunning AI artwork with ease. Our discord based system is user-friendly and our images are designed to be easy to use and manipulate.

How to Get Started

To get started with BlueWillow AI, simply join our Discord server using the link provided below. Once you are in our Discord, you can begin generating AI artwork with our /imagine command in the #rookie channel.

To get the most out of our system, we recommend experimenting with different prompts. Below are some suggested prompts based on popular video games, movies, and pop culture:

  • Overwatch: /imagine "Tracer in a futuristic city"
  • Fortnite: /imagine "Battle Royale victory"
  • The Avengers: /imagine "Iron Man fighting Thanos"
  • Stranger Things: /imagine "Eleven using her powers"
  • Star Wars: /imagine "Jedi lightsaber duel"
  • Minecraft: /imagine "Epic castle build"
  • Zelda: /imagine "Link fighting a boss"
  • Pokemon: /imagine "Charizard in flight"
  • Super Smash Bros: /imagine "Epic character battle"

By experimenting with these prompts, you can create stunning AI artwork inspired by your favorite video games, movies, and pop culture.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about BlueWillow AI, we recommend checking out our FAQ page. Here you will find answers to common questions about our system.

About BlueWillow AI

To learn more about BlueWillow AI and our mission, please visit our about page.

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