June 21, 2023

How to Create a Coloring Book Using AI for Free

Written by
Lucie Colomb

Today, we have a particularly exciting project to share with you: creating your own coloring book with the help of AI. Sounds incredible, right? It's not only feasible but also engaging, creative, and potentially profitable.

Tools You Will Need

For this project, we'll be using two primary tools:

  1. BlueWillow - Our AI art generator. 
  2. Canva - A fantastic online design platform for arranging our creations.
  3. Amazon KDP - Kindle Direct Publishing, our platform of choice for publishing the finished product.

Step 1: Selecting a Theme

The first step in creating a coloring book is deciding on a theme. This could be anything from animals and shapes to landscapes or intricate patterns. For the purpose of this blog post, we've chosen the theme 'Magical Creatures'. Imagine dragons, unicorns, mermaids, and mythical beasts coming alive in the hands of color-happy artists!

Step 2: Generating Images

With our theme set, we move on to generating the images. To do this, we will ask our AI, ChatGPT, for unique prompt ideas that align with our 'Magical Creatures' theme. ChatGPT might give us prompts such as:

  • A dragon curled around a mountain peak
  • A mermaid lounging on a sunken pirate ship
  • A phoenix rising from a bed of ashes

Taking these imaginative prompts, we then move over to BlueWillow, where we input each prompt individually, specifying that we want line drawings suitable for a coloring book.

We highly recommend that you become a subscriber if you want to do this. You can generate images with your V4 model and get images in 4K resolution, which will be primordial for high printing quality.

Interested in becoming a subscriber? Plans start at $ 5/month, go to any channels on your Discord and type /subscribe to get started!

Here are some prompt examples:

A dragon, coloring – in page, coloring book, bold outlines --v4

Cute kawaii characters in the style of a coloring book page, black and white --v4 

Manga, only line drawing without color --v4

Simple black-and-white line art of a cow for a toddler’s coloring book --v4 

B&W lineart cartoon of a dog, coloring book style --V4 

Coloring book page, simple doodle creatures, fun, happy --v4

Coloring book, flat vector, technical pen style, doodle style, white background, minimalistic, panorama view of a fantasy storybook cottage, dynamic pose, 100% white fill, swirly folk art style, mystical, unusual, black and white, no noise, clean lines, outline art, no black filling --v4

Step 3: Designing the Layout in Canva

After BlueWillow generates the images, we download them and import them into Canva to create the layout of our coloring book. We start a new project in Canva with the dimensions of a standard coloring book - typically 8.5 x 11 inches, but you can choose the size you prefer.

Then we upload our AI-generated images and arrange them on the pages, adjusting sizes and ensuring each image fits nicely with plenty of margin space. After all, we want our colorists to have room to spread their colors without struggling near the seams of the book.

Step 4: Publishing with Amazon KDP

Once we're satisfied with the layout, we download the project as a PDF and head over to Amazon KDP to publish our work. After inputting the necessary details—title, description, keywords, and pricing—our Magical Creatures coloring book is ready for the world to see and color.

It's important to note that BlueWillow generates high-resolution 4K images, suitable for printing without pixelation. This is a crucial feature when considering printing projects and something unique to BlueWillow among AI image generators.


And that's how you create a coloring book using AI! It's amazing what a bit of creativity, AI magic, and a sprinkle of design can achieve. We hope you found this tutorial useful, and we're eager to see the stunning designs you come up with. Feel free to share your creations with us on our Discord server!

Happy creating!