May 13, 2023

AMA Recap 2.17.23

Written by
Lucie Holcomb

Blue Willow AI is a platform that enables users to generate AI-generated art with the help of various open-source models. Recently, the Blue Willow team held an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session to discuss their project and answer questions from their community. Here are some highlights from the session:

Blue Willow Bot is Now Available for Usage on Your Own Server

The Blue Willow team announced that their AI bot is now available for usage on your own server. This means users can add the bot to any server they wish to. Additionally, the team is working on a desktop app or online feature for Blue Willow, making it easier for users to create art.

Image-to-Image Feature and Prompt Tutorials

The team is currently working on improving the image-to-image feature and hopes to clarify it in future prompts. They are also trying to put together a nice package for prompt guides or prompt tutorials to help users make the most of the platform.

No Plans to Make Blue Willow a Paid Service

The team has no plans to make Blue Willow a paid service for the time being. They are exploring the option of making a model or game plan for it, but for now, it remains a free service that anyone can use.

Improving Blue Willow's Art and Developing New Models

The Blue Willow team is working on improving the quality of the AI-generated art and getting feedback from their art guy, John. They are also developing new models they plan to announce in the next two to three weeks. The team is committed to improving the bot and building a community for everyone to enjoy.

Adding New Prompt Parameters and Aspect Ratios

The Blue Willow team is working on getting more aspect ratios for users to use, and they are also considering adding new prompt parameters. However, there is no timeline or promise for when these features will be available.

Other Highlights from the AMA

During the AMA session, the Blue Willow team answered various questions from the community. They confirmed that it is possible to add the bot to any server and recommended using the private options and getting permission from the original prompt creator if users are cautious about using other people's images for prompts. They also acknowledged that some users are using ChatGPT to expand their own text and make prompts easier to feed into the model, and they are working on an easier interface to help with prompt help directly in Discord.

The team emphasized that the community was open to all, regardless of skill level, and that participants were pioneers in the AI art movement. They encouraged everyone to have fun and experiment with the tools available to them.


Blue Willow AI is an exciting platform that allows users to generate AI-generated art with the help of various open-source models. The team is constantly working to improve the platform and develop new features to make it easier for users to create art. The recent AMA session was a great opportunity for the community to ask questions and learn more about the project. 

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