May 13, 2023

AI Art Generation 101 with BlueWillow

Written by
Alex H.

In recent years, AI art has gained significant attention, with AI-generated art pieces selling for millions of dollars at prestigious auctions. The rapid development of artificial intelligence has given rise to a new form of art known as generative art.

At BlueWillow, we offer a free-to-use AI image generation model, which uses a multitude of models to give you the best results. Our images are able to be used commercially as well.

What is considered generative art?

Generative art is artwork created through the use of algorithms and other computer-based techniques. In other words, generative art is the product of a system or process, rather than an artist's direct creation. AI-generated art is a subcategory of generative art, where artificial intelligence is used to create the art.

Where can I get AI-generated art?

BlueWillow offers a free-to-use discord based AI image generation model, which can be accessed by joining our discord server. Our model uses a multitude of AI models to give you the best results. In addition to BlueWillow, there are other AI art platforms available, but they may not be free to use.

Are you allowed to sell AI-generated art?

Yes, you are allowed to sell AI-generated art, but there are some legal considerations to keep in mind. The copyright of AI-generated art is still a gray area, as it is unclear who holds the rights to the artwork created by the AI. However, if the AI was trained on a dataset of images that you did not own the rights to, then selling the generated art may infringe on someone else's copyright.

Is generative art hard?

Creating generative art can be challenging, as it requires knowledge of programming and algorithms. However, with the help of AI image generation models like BlueWillow, creating generative art can be made much easier.

How do I make generative art for NFTs?

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) have become increasingly popular in the art world, with many artists using NFTs to sell their art. To make generative art for NFTs, you will need to create an image or animation using an AI image generation model like BlueWillow, and then convert it to an NFT format. There are several platforms available for selling NFTs, including OpenSea, Rarible, and SuperRare.

At BlueWillow, we are dedicated to providing a free and easy-to-use AI image generation model to help artists and creatives in their generative art endeavors. Join our Discord community and start generating your own AI art today!

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