June 21, 2023

AMA Recap June 9, 2023

Written by
Lucie Colomb

V4 Model Updates

During our latest AMA, we announced significant enhancements to our V4 model that are set to boost your user experience and broaden the spectrum of your creativity.

For subscribers, you'll enjoy access to all the new features and benefits that come with V4. If you're contemplating a subscription, explore the plethora of perks waiting for you in our #subscribers-benefits channel.

One update that stands out is the 4K High-Res Upscaling. This feature allows your upscaled images to attain a remarkable 4K resolution – a quadruple improvement from the original V3 and a leap ahead from most default upscales on other platforms. Due to Discord's limitations, you might need to save and view the image on your computer to fully appreciate the 4K quality.

Additionally, we've rolled out a new Zoom Out feature which lets you 'outpaint' on all four corners of your image. This expands the context and creativity of your artworks. We've also enhanced the accuracy of non-English prompts and fine-tuned the model outputs for a smoother and more efficient user experience.

We can't wait for you to delve into these enhancements and share your feedback!

Weekly Theme Contest

We also discussed our Weekly Theme Contest. Each week we reveal a new theme and you can create and submit an image inspired by that theme. After creating your image, submit it to the #weekly-theme channel, don't forget to include a link to the channel you used to generate the image. Once the submissions close, voting opens! Add a star emoji under the image you love most. We announce the winners on the #theme-winner channel.

Prompt Challenge

On top of the theme contest, we have a Prompt Challenge where we provide a prompt and you create a masterpiece out of it. The challenge rules are available in the #rules channel and you can submit your entries in the #prompt-challenge-submission channel. The winning participant each month, chosen by community voting, receives a year of Sapphire Membership, giving you exclusive benefits and features on BlueWillow.


Lastly, we had an engaging Q&A session. Here are some highlights:

Question: The V4 version of BlueWillow tends to deviate from the prompt, can you fix it?

Answer: We are constantly working to improve our model to better align with user prompts. Your feedback is valuable in driving these enhancements.

Question: Will the color codes be implemented at some point?

Answer: Color codes are on our roadmap and we're exploring ways to incorporate this feature in the future.

Question: V4 variation tends to move away from the main prompt. Is that something to be fixed?

Answer: We appreciate your feedback and we're actively looking into adjustments that can help maintain focus on the main prompt.

Question: What do you think the future of pricing for AI art or services will be?

Answer: As the AI art industry matures, we expect the pricing to become more stabilized. We aim to offer value for money and maintain accessibility for all our users.

Question: Will you introduce a plan with unlimited prompts?

Answer: We are actively considering different plan options based on user feedback and needs. An unlimited prompts plan is definitely under consideration.

Question: Will you work on better text generation?

Answer: Absolutely! We are committed to improving all aspects of our platform, including text generation, for a better user experience.

Question: When is V5 planned to be released?

Answer: While we can't give a specific release date right now, please know that we're continuously working on advancing our platform, including V5. We look forward to bringing it to you once we're confident in its performance and reliability.

Our AMA provided an opportunity for the team to share exciting updates and for our users to voice their queries and feedback. If you missed the live session, not to worry! Keep an eye on our channels for news about our next AMA.

We appreciate everyone's involvement and look forward to the continued growth of the BlueWillow community. Your creativity fuels our innovation, and we're excited to see what you'll create with our new V4 enhancements. Until next time, keep creating, sharing, and enjoying the process! 🎨🚀