June 21, 2023

AMA Recap 5/12/23

Written by
Lucie Colomb

The recent Ask Me Anything (AMA) session hosted by Blue Willow was a hit! Our team, including Floripa49 and BLD, took to the virtual stage to answer some pressing questions and share exciting updates about our platform.

The session kicked off with Floripa49 welcoming everyone and encouraging participants to use the AMA chat for any queries. Subscribers got a special shout-out, with the team expressing their gratitude for their continuous support.

A major highlight of the discussion was the unveiling of our significantly improved product, V4. BLD highlighted its superior upscaling quality, boasting double the resolution of its predecessor. For users interested in a side-by-side comparison with V3, there's a dedicated channel available.

Our team also shared some exciting news about the capacity to generate more simultaneous images. Currently, users can generate four images at once, but plans are in motion to allow subscribers to generate up to 20 images simultaneously. This advancement will depend on the level of subscription chosen, making it even more beneficial for our subscribing members.

Our users' experience is always at the forefront of our development process. BLD highlighted some impending changes, including limitations on subsequent image generation to improve overall system performance. Floripa49 confirmed the team's commitment to enhancing the service, with plans to extend the capacity for image generation to 5, then 10, and eventually 20 images at a time.

Benefits of subscribing to Blue Willow were also discussed. Apart from the access to V4 and the ability to generate more concurrent images, subscribers also get the advantage of ad-free browsing, special channels for image generation, and VIP newsletters with insights on how to optimize prompts.

For those keen on learning more about prompting, BLD recommended the free Blue Willow Prompt Guide available on bestpromptguides.com. The guide is tailored to provide insights into Blue Willow and ChatGPT.

The AMA also included a handy discussion about video editing software. BLD recommended using Capcut or TikTok for creating compelling videos, noting that these tools are free and can be used on both desktop and mobile devices.

In response to user queries about upcoming features, Floripa49 shared that the team is working on enhancements for the web app. These include search capabilities and the ability to delete and download images, among other improvements. They also acknowledged a bug that some users have encountered while logging in to the web app, assuring everyone that resolving this issue is a top priority.

As for the much-anticipated V5, while it's still in the early stages of development, the team is excited about its potential. Some of the features in consideration include custom aspect ratios and a 'describe' feature, where users can upload an image and Blue Willow will provide a description.

Stay tuned for more AMAs and updates from the Blue Willow team! Remember, your feedback and suggestions are crucial in helping us improve our services. So, keep those questions and ideas coming!